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Taxi Times International - August 2015 - Deutsch

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GLOBAL TAXI NETWORK Mans Zelmerlöw won the European Song Contest, and gained in reputation and boosted its image. PHOTO: Taxi 40100 In May, was the event supplier for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). In other words, an international taxi-hailing app was the official supplier for the competition to determine Europe’s best song. That it was even possible to conclude such an enormous deal – leaving Uber, a group worth billions, in the dust – is tied into the story of an industry that is expanding its regional competence to become a global brand. 12 POINTS FOR A TAXI NETWORK The entire country of Sweden was ecstatic on the evening of 24 May 2015. Swedish musical representative Mans Zelmerlöw had won the Eurovision Song Contest by a huge margin. Austria, on the other hand, as the defender of the title and host country, did not have a single point to console itself. There was rejoicing at the Vienna taxi circuit 40100 anyway. As the event supplier for the ESC, it had already collected plenty of bonus points. “Being an event supplier in our case meant that we were the exclusive individual transport partner”, explains Martin Hartmann, managing director of 40100. “We provided transport to the artists, the delegations and the journalists in our Vienna taxis.” One hundred of the 4,700 Vienna taxis were equipped with special ESC branding, not to mention the logo of the ‘’ hailing app on the C-pillar – where the famous artists got into the vehicles and out again, usually in front of rolling cameras. 20 TAXI AUGUST / 2015 21

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