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Simply show the

Simply show the translation The Taxi Language CONTENT Charm offensive – in over 70 languages! ● 21 essential phrases every taxi driver needs. ● Be able to communicate in 74 languages. ● Simply point and let the passenger read, they need only to nod or shake their head. Phrasebook DEAR TAXI-FRIENDS, Although – internationally- it may seem that there’s only one show in town and one theme to discuss, we (stubbornly) continue to write and inform you about many industry themes. Simply because we believe that the many themes we used to discuss as an industry, five years ago, haven’t suddenly gone away. And we get all these ideas and examples from many different countries – that sets us apart from our colleagues. So join us on a quest for models of cooperation and competition, collaboration and sharing, regulatory evaluations and changes, elastic prices and new marketing models, minibuses and innovative forms of transportation and environmental innovations and forms of accessibility. Oh yes, and last but not least, for taxis and music … - the editors - TAXI FARES 8 Sweden: Flexible fare-setting, limited competition 10 Turkey: Flexible minibus-lines as a business model TAXI APPS 14 UberPOP fines up sharply 15 Special offer with boomerang effect GLOBAL TAXI NETWORK 16 IRU’s GTN picking up speed 17 ERTA: ‘Drive for quality urgently needed’ TAXI CONFERENCE This language guide enables a taxi driver to communicate more easily or at least at all with foreign passengers. The brochure contains all the phrases used in a taxi from “Please fasten your seat belt” to “Do you wish to pay by credit card?”. All the important phrases are included, from Japanese to Spanish, from Finnish to Russian, from Farsi to Urdu. Communicate in 74 languages without having a command of them. Simply tap on it (point) and let the passenger read it. To reply, all he needs to do is nod or shake his head. DATES 4. Norddt. Taxi- und Mietwagentag June 13, 2015, Hamburg TLPA Mid-Year International Leadership Conference July 15–18, 2015, Hiatt Regency Maui, Hawaii, USA 18 Cooperation in times of challenge 19 Amsterdam’s new approach works FUTURE TAXI 22 Dutch ‘Stig’; tests first hydrogen taxi COMMENTARY 6 Our comment – The price and the monopoly 25 Pieter van de Glind: Moving beyond the elephant in the room WELCOME, WILLKOMMEN, BIENVENUE! Welcoming International Guests to your Cab. The Taxi Driver‘s Phrasebook. by Gabriele Kröber Making hospitality quick and easy! Order now from the taxi-Times- Verlag publishing house Munich Phone: 089/215 48 30 75 Autorin Gabi Kröber, Der Taxi-Sprachführer, 179 Seiten, Ringbuchbindung, ISBN 978-3-955008-02-7 19.80 € (inclusive of VAT + 3,90 € shipping charges) 2015 IATR Conference September 27-30, 2015, Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain, Canada Eurocab 2015 fms usergroup meeting October 14–16, 2015, Ramada Plaza Antwerp, Belgium 2015 Annual Convention & Trade Show October 26-30, Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, USA 7. Taxitreff 2015 Including Taxi Times workshop October 29–31, 2015, Mallorca Spain Organising an event in the mobility sector? Please let us know: TAXI JUNE / 2015 3 REGULAR ITEMS 4 People 24 News 26 The Final: Taxi-songs at a conference

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