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offre valable sous conditions disponibles sur le site et sur l’application taxiS G7 Particulier. Service de taxi parisien. Société SNGt - rcS Nanterre B 324 379 866. TAXI_1506186_Aff_Metro_Visu_56x77.indd 1 20/08/2015 14:22 GLOBAL TAXI NETWORK GLOBAL TAXI NETWORK Christos Anagnostopoulos of NextTaxi: a decent balance between the number of passenger requests and available vehicles. NEWSTICKER ECAB PROVIDES TAXIS FOR DOWN- TOWN VANCOUVER GREEK-EUROPEAN TAXI INTEGRATION An Athens-based taxi fleet has joined and the GTN network as a consequence of massive changes in the Athens taxi trade. And it proves that nothing can stand in the way of integration. Around 2,9 million people live in Athens and the Attica region served by 13,772 taxis. In 1980, these taxis made around 60 trips a day and were sometimes double booked on these trips. Back then, taxis were the most popular mode of transport. They were cheap, and TAXI.EU VS. TAXIBEAT other means of public transport were not developed as well. But then came the major economic crisis that forced the entire country under the protection of the EU and radically transformed the taxi trade. Since the expansion of bus lines and the doubling of taxi prices Hailing a Taxi in Athens NextTaxi is the premium partner of taxi-eu in Athens and Greece. Since the fleet is still quite small, the orders are taken mainly in the city centre and the port of Athens for the time being. In a city where taxis for decades used to be hailed mainly in the street, customers need to be gradually won over by the advantages of a hailing app: dependable drivers and reliable quality. To communicate this to the public, NextTaxi has invested a lot in advertising. They distribute flyers and go to see many customers in person. They even take out front page newspaper ads. stickers have also been placed on the taxis. In a country where tourism is a major revenue source, communicating the European scope and familiar name of the app is a key success factor and highlights its advantage over the competing app taxibeat. The company, backed by a great deal of venture capital, has already been on the market since 2011 and is estimated to cover around 80 per cent of the app orders, but the app only allows taxis to be hailed in Athens and in some South American countries. jh between the turn of the century and 2010, many residents have increased their use of bus and rail transport and now rely less on taxis. The taxi trade initially had nothing against this transformation. For one thing, the established structures did not change. Even today there are only a few taxi radio circuits in Athens – around three quarters of all taxis operate without them. The permit holders are mainly buyers and sellers of vehicles who are only interested in renting licenced vehicles to taxi drivers for 24 hours. It is then up to the driver as to how he gets his customers and how much money he makes. Finding new ways to get work Only in the last few years this situation has changed somewhat. The radio circuits have increased the number of customers through targeted advertising and have been competing for a few years with the ‘taxibeat’ app, which connects passengers directly with taxi drivers. Christos Anagnostopoulos, managing director of NextTaxi in Athens, is also finding new ways to get work. He is continually developing his customer base in the city centre and at the port of Athens (Piraeus). He receives and distributes orders mainly via the app. Last year the decision was made to partner with the PHOTOS: Taxi Times, Wim Faber PHOTO:, Taxi G7 European app. Since then, a lot of work has gone into development. In order to display the orders in Greek using their alphabet, the entire software had to be converted to UTF 8, a coding standard that enables the use of nearly all international characters. The hailing system also required additional individual adjustments to specific procedures at NextTaxi. The company provides its customers with mainly viral channels – you can order online, via Autobooker or app. The driver and customer must be able to communicate directly with each other in order for this to work. This also happens in more than one language. “For example, when a passenger in Germany requests a vehicle in Athens using the app, he enters his location based on the German version of Google Maps“, explains Robert Abel from “These data are translated into Greek with geocoding and reach the driver in his own language. Now if he wants to tell the customer that he will arrive five minutes late, he uses a predefined text message that the passenger then receives in German.” This is how the ‘European server’ provided by operator FMS Systems to its customers overcomes language barriers and makes a closer integration with the taxi trade technically possible – without high investment costs, since neither the radio circuit nor the drivers need to buy or install special hardware devices. These were the determining factors that influenced Anagnostopoulos’ decision to go with The web and app-based hailing system has been in use in around 200 vehicles in his fleet since May. Only 200? “We have a long waiting list”, Christos told the Taxi Times. He says that the plan is to acquire additional customers before integrating more vehicles in order to ensure a decent balance between the number of passenger requests and available vehicles. Drivers need to earn a good living, ideally as they did before the crisis, back when the Athens taxi trade was totally different. . jh Hermann Waldner, founder of, greeted the new partner in person in Athens. eCab, one of the founding fathers of the IRU Global Taxi Network (GTN), will soon be providing taxi booking services throughout all 4 downtown Vancouver fleets: Yellow Cab, Blacktop & Checker Cabs, Vancouver Taxi and MacLure‘s Cabs. Users will experience the best availability in town along with various options and value-added services. eCab is integrated to MTData and DDS, the two dispatch systems covering the city, and eCab has built a pre-dispatch engine to determine the closest taxi. WINNING BACK THE YOUNGER SEGMENT Since the first of September, the Paris radio circuit TAXIS G7 is offering 20% discount to young customers at night. The offer is on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 10 pm to 5 am for everyone aged under 26. The campaign aims at winning back the younger segment and to have more drivers on the road at night. TAXIS G7 distributes cool sunglasses and condoms as part of the promotion carrying the slogan “Ce soir, vous êtes sûr de choper au moins un taxi” loosely translated to “Tonight you will be sure to catch at least a taxi”. 15 06 186 • affiche metro • 560 x 770 mm • visible : 540 x 750 mm • EXE : 1/2 : 280 x 385 mm • visible : 270 x 375 mm • visu • Remise: 18 juin thy - BAt -20% avec NightCab vous avez la nuit devant vous. Vous avez bien fait de choisir Vous avez moins de 26 ans ? Bénéficiez de 20%de réduction les jeudis, vendredis et samedis entre 22 h et 5 h du matin en commandant votre taxi depuis l’application taxiS G7. The look of G7’s advertising campaign. 20 TAXI OCTOBER / 2015 21

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