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PEOPLE CLAUDIO SKUBLA SUCCEEDS PER JUTH AT SWEDISH TAXI ASSOCIATION At RMC Van Beek (r.) hands over to Tommel. On September 1, Head of Communications Claudio Skubla (53) took over from Per Juth, who retired, as acting Federal Director of the Swedish Taxi Association. Per Juth left the association “to use the opportunity to move abroad before retiring. My time at the Taxi Association has only left me with positive experiences and memories.” Claudio Skubla is a marketing economist and has worked as Head of Communications of the association since 2011. “Claudio knows how to run industry issues and has a good network of contacts in different organisations and in government offices. I look forward to working with him to further drive the development of the taxi industry” commented Bo Bylund, Chairman of the Federation. wf NEW CEO FOR ROTTERDAM’S RMC REDUCED TAXI ROLE Not all taxis in Athens look as good as this one. The recent extension of the public transport network and the economic crisis have reduced the role of the taxi as the Athenians’ favourite means of transport. The locals no longer quickly hop in a (shared) taxi – not even to go to work, as they used to - but tend to walk longer distances to take bus and metro instead. Not only the quality of the vehicles has suffered. The same goes for the quality of the drivers’ service, which is very hit and miss. So it was only fitting that Taxistars, the new European e-learning programme to train and educate taxi drivers, would be launched here and made Athens the European taxi capital for a day. Skubla temporarily takes over from Juth (r.). Cees Tommel (49), from railoperator Keyrail, is the new director of the Rotterdamse Mobiliteit Centrale (RMC), a joint- venture created in 2003 between Rotterdam public transport company RET and the Rotterdam radio-circuit RTC. RMC is one of the largest dispatching centres in The Netherlands, dispatching jobs for RTC but also for numerous external clients in the entire country. Henk van Beek (65), its present CEO will be leaving in a few months. Through his rail-background Tommel has built up a large network of contacts in Rotterdam’s port and various logistics companies. wf SWISS TV HOST BECOMES TAXI DRIVER Röbi Koller is a journalist, TV host and book author. In autumn of next year, the Zurich native intends to publish a new book about taxis. Aiming for authenticity, Koller recently acquired the passenger transportation licence for the city of Zurich, was hired by the taxi company Zitrans and will now been working as a “normal” taxi driver in Zurich for several months. “In autumn of 2016, I am planning on publishing a book about my experiences: stories from passengers or from other taxi drivers, but also the political, economic and social developments affecting the taxi industry,” Röbi Koller writes in an e-mail to Taxi Times. The very popular TV host in Switzerland became aware of our magazine while working for the taxi company and asked us to send him some older and future copies. We are happy to oblige and we are looking forward to the stories and impressions of the taxi industry Mr. Koller gains during his time as a taxi driver. Have a safe drive in Zurich, Mr. Koller! jh IRU APPOINTS NEW TEAM LEADER IN ISTANBUL IRU appointed Kadri Özen as new IRU General Delegate in its Istanbul office. Özen replaces Haydar Özkan, who has held the position of IRU General Delegate to the Middle East and Region since May 2005 and now wishes to continue his career in the private sector. Kadri Özen has a proven track record in the establishment of partnerships, media relations, and financial and leadership communications through his experience in sustainability, advocacy and stakeholder management. And as Turkey plays a key role in the IRU’s expansion at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, the CIS and the Middle East, IRU says it is confident that Mr Özen’s leadership will expedite the implementation of the IRU’s strategic objectives. wf PHOTOS: Philippe Rossier, Swedish Taxi Association, Awe Krijger/RMC PHOTO: Wim Faber 4

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